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Creating value for customers is the consistent behavioral purpose of Xinhong people!

Xinhong Culture

Mission:Committed to providing customers with efficient and intelligent fireproof window profiles, and continue to create value

Vision:The Xinhong brand has become the ingenuity symbol of the fire window industry, a well-known brand shining in the east of the world

Strategy:New ideas, new ideas, new images, new developments

Purpose:Honest and trustworthy, diligent and dedicated, result-oriented, creating excellence

Guidelines:Clear goals, seize the day, self-esteem, proactive communication, courage to take responsibility, advocate professionalism, improve literacy, work hard, be willing to contribute, pursue quality, pursue credibility, and pursue benefits

Produce:Responsibility, safety, quality, team, talent, execution, commitment, type, benefit


Everyone encourages everyone

Life is like a lotus: Life is like a water lily. Success is the visible flower that floats shallowly on the water, and it is the invisible roots and roots that determine its beauty to bloom under the water. The first bloom of the lotus flower is moving, and the viewer is like a cloud. How do you know that behind the splendid beauty is a long lonely waiting and rooting. The gentleman takes care of this!
Third-degree cultivation: Attitude determines fate, tolerance determines the pattern, and the depth of the foundation determines the height of the career. A person's attitude, tolerance, and thickness are like the root of lotus; the "three degrees" of cultivation, accumulate over time, and the gong is naturally accomplished.
Success chain: acquisition is based on contribution, contribution comes from ability, and ability comes from effort.
Inner sage and outer king: honest and sincere, deep-rooted cultivation, unity of knowledge and action, inner sage and outer king, self-cultivation, family harmony, prosperous industry, benefit the world.
Focus on the struggler: work is glorious, struggle is proud, opportunities are concentrated on the strugglers, and resources are allocated to the strugglers.
Enthusiasm and will: Only with the enthusiasm of first love and the will of religion can one achieve a certain cause.
Goal, calm, and work hard: refuse to shout, refuse impetuousness, refuse to show off, refuse to fame, refuse ease, refuse quick success, keep calm, continue to work hard, accumulate well, and succeed.


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